RuleML+RR 2023

the 7th International Joint Conference on Rules and Reasoning

Oslo, Norway

18 - 20 September 2023

accepted papers

Main track

Long papers

Extension of Regression Tsetlin Machine for Interpretable Uncertainty Assessment. Darshana Abeyrathna, Sara El Mekkaoui, L. Yi Edward, Andreas Hafver and Ole-Christoffer Granmo. 

Lore: Educational Deductive Database System. Leif Harald Karlsen.

GUCON: A Generic Graph Pattern based Policy Framework for Usage Control Enforcement. Ines Akaichi, Giorgos Flouris, Irini Fundulaki and Sabrina Kirrane.

Combining Proofs for Description Logic and Concrete Domain Reasoning. Christian Alrabbaa, Franz Baader, Stefan Borgwardt, Patrick Koopmann and Alisa Kovtunova.

Extracting Interpretable Hierarchical Rules from Deep Neural Networks’ Latent Space. Ya Wang and Adrian Paschke.

Abstract Domains for Database Manipulating Processes. Tobias Schüler, Stephan Mennicke and Malte Lochau.

Explaining the optimal trajectories. Celine Rouveirol, Malik Kazi Aoual, Henry Soldano and Veronique Ventos.

Analyzing Termination for Prev-Aware Fragments of Communicating Datalog Programs. Francesco Di Cosmo.

Semantic Role Assisted Natural Language Rule Formalization for Intelligent Vehicle. Kumar Manas and Adrian Paschke.

Marrying Query Rewriting and Knowledge Graph Embeddings. Anders Imenes, Ricardo Guimarães and Ana Ozaki.

Notation3 as an Existential Rule Language. Doerthe Arndt and Stephan Mennicke.

Layerwise Learning of Mixed Conjunctive and Disjunctive Rule Sets. Florian Beck, Johannes Fürnkranz and Van Quoc Phuong Huynh.

FreeCHR: An Algebraic Framework for CHR-Embeddings. Sascha Rechenberger and Thom Frühwirth.

Short papers

Comparing State of the Art Rule-Based Tools for Information Extraction. Domenico Lembo and Federico Scafoglieri.

A Case Study for Declarative Pattern Mining in Digital Forensics. Francesca Alessandra Lisi, Gioacchino Sterlicchio and David Billard.

Fine-tuning Large Enterprise Language Models via Ontological Reasoning. Teodoro Baldazzi, Luigi Bellomarini, Stefano Ceri, Andrea Colombo, Andrea Gentili and Emanuel Sallinger.

Rule Challenge

Long papers

Reasoning over Health Records with Vadalog: a Rule-based Approach to Patient Pathways. Owen Dwyer, Teodoro Baldazzi, Jim Davies, Emanuel Sallinger and Adriano Vlad. 

GPT-3 for Decision Logic Modeling. Alexandre Goossens, Simon Vandevelde, Jan Vanthienen and Joost Vennekens. 

Explainable Game Strategy Rule Learning from Soccer Video. Daniel Cyrus, Ghazal Afroozi Milani and Alireza Tamaddoni-Nezhad. 

Multi-agent Architecture for Real-time Compliance. Hisashi Hayashi, Theodoros Mitsikas, Yousef Taheri, Kanae Tsushima, Ralph Schäfermeier, Gauvain Bourgne, Jean-Gabriel Ganascia, Adrian Paschke and Ken Satoh. 

Towards Complex Event Processing for clinical decision support using FHIR. Gerhard Kober, Adrian Paschke and Livio Robaldo. 

An Ontology-based Approach for Detecting and Classifying Inappropriate Prescribing. Guilherme Redeker and Juliana Bowles. 

Short papers

Sound Logic without Paradox. David Fisher, Stephen Fisher and Donna Lambie. 

Defeasible Reasoning with Large Language Models – Initial Experiments and Future Directions. Sotiris Batsakis and Grigoris Antoniou. 

Reasoning about ingredient substitutions with Ontologies and Rules. Weronika T. Adrian, Maciej Kutyła, Jędrzej Potoniec and Agnieszka Lawrynowicz. 

Doctoral Consortium

Towards Techniques for Updating Virtual Knowledge Graphs. Romuald Esdras Wandji, Mantas Šimkus and Diego Calvanese.

Semantic Querying of Integrated Raster and Relational Data: A Virtual Knowledge Graph Approach. Arka Ghosh, Mantas Šimkus and Diego Calvanese. 

Towards a human-centred framework for the assessment of subjective social values in buildings. Yazan Nidal Hasan Zayed. 

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